Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Texshare Card Program and Interlibrary Loan Services

Need material not located at Dick Smith Library?

Dick Smith Library can still accommodate you through the Texshare Card Program and Interlibrary Loan Services. The Texshare Card Program is a reciprocal borrowing program. With this card you are granted free borrowing privileges at all participating public and university libraries across the state of Texas. As a card holder you agree to observe all rules and regulations. You will be responsible for returning all borrowed materials to the lending library in person or by first-class mail. For a complete list of participating institutions, go to

Illiad is our online interlibrary loan tracking and document delivery system. Interlibrary loan is a service to obtain materials not available in your local collection. Requests may be made to obtain books from other Tarleton Campuses or libraries nationwide. Requested items may include books, journal articles, microforms, videos, etc. All materials are obtained within the guidelines of copyright legislation. Most journal articles will be available via the internet. You will be sent an email with a link for access. Or if you prefer, articles and loan materials can be shipped to your campus. simply choose your campus location & delivery method on the User Information page pull down menu in illiad.

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