Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

" Mary Corn-Wilkerson Comes From Grave to Entertain Fast-Stepping Freshman"

"School days had at last arrived. Gay cries and merry laughter filled the Dormitory parlors as new and old students renewed old friendships and began new ones. The insistent tingling of the Dump telephone interrupted the gaiety of the house, halting for a moment the noisy chatter of upperclassmen and freshmen alike. A tall, good-looking senior girl skipped to the telephone and answered."

"May I speak to Mary Corn Wilkerson? an urgent and somewhat excited male voice inquired. The girl, surprised beyond words, could only mutter a few unintelligible words, her mind awhirl in search of an answer.....the boy spoke again....I have a date with Mary Corn Wilkerson!"

"The girl replied.....of course, but come over here. I want to meet you!...The elated freshman - it would have to be a freshman - ran from the Varisty to the Dump....his mind picturing a beautiful girl with blue eyes and golden hair.....Light in heart he strutted through the door of the colorful, old building endowed by Mary Corn Wilkerson, there to be met and surrounded by a happy throng of cheering seniors and freshmen, who, after much telephoning in an earnest effort to locate Mary, escorted him to the framed document which tells the story of the founding of the dormitory. After five minutes the facts soaked in, leaving him bewildered!"

.....of course, his name remained a secret, at least partly a secret! What a great story...

The Mary Corn Wilkerson dormitory was featured in my March 4, 2010 blog. Of course it is no longer standing, but hopefully none of the current incoming Freshmen guys were "fixed up" for a date with Lula Gough!

Welcome to the Fall Semester 2010! Hope you Freshmen didn't have too many pranks played on you!

J-TAC September 21, 1935.

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