Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top Mystery Novels

1 Brooks, Kevin Kissing the Rain

2. Caletti, Deb The Queen of Everything

3. Donnelly, Jennifer A Northern Light

4. Flinn, Alex Nothing to Lose

5. Minter, Alex Little Sister's Last Dose

6. Kyi, Tanya Truth

7. Nixon, Joan Lowery Nightmare

8. Oates, Joyce Carol Freaky Green Eyes

9. Soto, Gary The Afterlife

10. Wittlinger, Ellen The Long Night of Leo and Bree

More Murder/Mystery recommendations:

Clark, Mary Higgins Daddy's Little Girl

Lester, Julius When Dad Killed Mom

Myers, Walter Dean Monster

Stevenson, James Unprotected Witness

Werlin, Nancy The Killer's Cousin


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