Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

"J-TAC Named"

"In 1917 a five dollar prize was offered to the student who submitted the best and cleverest name for the Tarleton newspaper. Jimmie Winters, a local girl whose mother still resides in this city, suggested the unique and appropriate name of J-TAC!" (J-TAC, August 13, 1932)

Jimmie Winters, shown above in the 1924 Grassburr, was a student of Tarleton from 1919-1924. Our J-TAC files begin in 1919, so I believe that is the correct date of the title change from Tarletonite to J-TAC, not 1917. First mention of the J-TAC is in the 1920 Grassburr. Other sources state that the name was suggested by Tarleton student John Winters, also shown above. Both Jimmie and John were enrolled in 1919-20, with Jimmie as a freshman, and John as a senior. The 1920 Grassburr states "Shall we have a college paper: We shall. Read the J.TAC and get educated!"

The first J-TACs were by subscription. "Are you willing to pay the price? Everything that is worthwhile has a price attached to it. If you would have a good live college paper, you must pay the price. This college could and should have an interesting, newsy paper every week, but the student body will have to stand behind it if it is ever such. It is hard work getting up material, and finances enough to pay for the printing." (J-TAC, April 6, 1920)

Since finding the article in the August 13, 1932 J-TAC mentioned above, I believe that it was the local girl, Jimmie Winters who had the winning name! But, whether it was John or Jimmie, the name has endured almost 100 years! And, you don't have to have a subscription to get a copy!