Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Khaki and Blue Chambray - NOT!

"It gives the old Tarleton student a strange feeling to see the girls on our campus wearing red, yellow, green, pink and varicolored dresses and the boys in suits of black, blue, white and other colors. It is true that all these pretty colors are pleasing to the eye and we were always glad to get out of uniform but it doesn't look like Tarleton to see it every day!" (J-TAC, June 30, 1926) The photo above shows one of the summer teachers' institute classes in front of the Tarleton main auditorium, in all their colorful outfits - what a change from the regular semesters! Dean Davis can be seen in the middle of the top row! (Tarleton Dick Smith Library, Cross Timbers Historic Images Project, Baxley Collection)

The June 30, 1926 J-TAC elaborated further on the "summer attire" stating that it was not the same at chapel either. Usually there was khaki on one side and blue chambray on the other, but summer chapel brought out a mingling of colors! "Regular" Tarleton students missed the brotherhood and equality that the "uniformity" brought! "There is a lack of that friendly, brotherly air that prevails in Tarleton during the long session."

The same J-TAC posed some questions..."What do you think of having khaki and blue chambray day this summer? Wouldn't you like to see all of the old Tarletonites in uniform again? Some of us will never be back in Tarleton again for a long session, and I think we would enjoy being in uniform for just one day this summer!"

"Think it over students!"

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