Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magazine Voting

Tired of looking at serious journals/magazines like Analytical Biochemistry or IEEE Transactions of Quantum Electronics? Well, if your brain needs a little vacation, try this on for size. The Periodicals department is considering replacing some of its magazines and would like to hear your opinion on the matter. Which magazine in each of the 2 categories listed below would you read the most?

Real Simple  vs.  Better Homes and Gardens

Real Simple is a magazine dedicated to making life easier. It contains information on how to improve your life either through health & fitness, food, clothing & beauty products, or home care and all focus on making the task as simple as possible.

Better Homes and Gardens is a magazine dedicated to making your home look the best. It contains information on indoor and outdoor decorating, fashion styles, and beauty tips, numerous recipes, and health and fitness plans for the home.

Lucky  vs.  Glamour

Lucky is a magazine that focuses solely on shopping and style. It contains information on numerous fashion trends and beauty tips as well as focusing on staying fit and healthy.

Glamour is also a magazine dedicated to fashion, beauty, and health. It contains information ranging from beauty tips and fashion to fitness and romance.

So, it's up to you now. The time has come to put in your vote. Which magazines would you prefer?


Anonymous said...

I vote for Real Simple and Lucky! :D

Anonymous said...

I think I still prefer Better Homes and Gardens, but after checking out the Lucky magazine, I think it might be something new and fresh for the younger crowd.

Anonymous said...

Real simple and Lucky

Cathy W. said...

My picks =
Real Simple -- sounds interesting and useful (reduce-reuse-recycle)
Lucky -- Amazon description sounds appealing

Rashelleh said...

I vote Real Simple and Lucky as well.

I love looking at the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but, in the end, I don't own my own house, and have no money to renovate if I did. Real Simple seems to present ideas that can simplify and improve your life as well as your home that can be done quickly and easily. I'd be interested in reading it.

I could go either way with Lucky or Glamour. I don't really read them much, but after comparing the two, I think I personally would choose Lucky. It has more clothing options that fit my shape and style.