Thursday, May 13, 2010

The 1962/63 School Year at Tarleton!

Why do you suppose that the 1963 Grassburr had a gold embossed Tarleton class ring on the cover? Well, the class of 1963 was the first Tarleton graduating class in 55 years! It was the first class to graduate after Tarleton became a four year school! So it was only fitting that the 1963 Grassburr was dedicated to them, and portrayed the class ring worn by them, the first four year graduating class! Not only that....the May 26, 1963 Tarleton graduation ceremony was held in front of the library!

Many dignitaries were on hand for the graduation ceremony, but perhaps the two most special guests were Mr. William Bowman and Mr. William Bryant, who both received degrees from Tarleton as members of the first graduating class in 1903! Rodney Davis was the first student to be commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army!

The 1962/63 school year had the largest enrollment in history with over 1,456 students! Several things took place that year - The traditional bonfire was not built by the corps, as in previous years, but by the students in general under the direction of the Student Council. A few months earlier, in May 1962, the Student Activities Committee approved the wearing of Bermuda shorts to the evening meal in the dining hall, and the weekly dance changed from Monday to Thursday night! On January 15, 1963 the Wainwright Rifles marched in the governor's inaugural parade. Civic Series entertainment for the 1962/63 school year included the Smother's Brothers, flamenco music by Carlos Montoya, and Brown & Dana folk singers! At the beginning of the spring semester the girls moved into their modern new dorm, Hunewell Hall! In March the groundbreaking for the new student center occurred and construction began - and with it the Hunewell Bandstand came tumbling down!

One can definitely say that the 1962/63 school year was one of change and progress! As the May 14, 1963 J-TAC stated "Goodbye and good luck to the seniors. To the other students - hope to see you next year!"

Grassburr, 1963.
J-TAC April 9, 1963.
J-TAC April 30, 1963.
J-TAC May 14, 1963.

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