Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Tarleton Band 1925

"The Band Struts Stuff at Strawn" is one of the headlines in the April 8, 1925 J-TAC! The forty members of John's Military Band left for Strawn at nine-thirty! The Chamber of Commerce and other citizens of Stephenville provided their cars and drove the band members over and back.

Arriving at 11:30, the band members were given about half an hour free time. Some admired the high school girls in their snow white dresses, some admired the Easter eggs in the show windows, while others smelled the aroma coming from the bakery!

After the free time, the band marched from the City Hall to the Texas and Pacific station, and then to the First Baptist church for a banquet and concert. Guest speakers included "Homer D. Wade, Adjutant General McGee, George Waverly Briggs of Dallas, and representatives from many towns of this district."

On the way home the band performed at Thurber in honor of Miss Elsie Cox, who was the only woman who had ever been a member of Tarleton's band! She was Tarleton's first cornetist when the band was organized in 1919!

The band toured and performed around the area each spring! At the conclusion of their performance in Thurber in 1925, the band played "On Ye Tarleton", our fight song that is a long standing tradition and is still played at most band performances!

On Ye Tarleton - forever!

J-TAC, April 8, 1925.

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