Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Today is April Fool's Day! Here are a few excerpts from the April 1, 1927 ALL FOOL'S J-TAC!

DANCE TONIGHT IN THE NEW DINING HALL: Tonight at the new dining hall all Tarleton students are invited to attend the first big dance since the rule against dancing has been abolished!

MR. EAVES IS TO FURNISH COTS TO ALL STUDENTS: Mr. Eaves, professor of history and government, plans to place folding cots in his classroom for the accommodation of students who do not care to listen to his lectures!

REGISTRAR SELLS HIS CHEVROLET - HAS NO USE FOR IT: He said that because the students were never out after hours, never got off Tarleton Avenue, never wore civies or some manner of disguise to fool the officers and faculty members, never loitered between here and town, and lived up to the rules and regulations, he found very little use for the car except to ride to church and he thought it cheaper to ride the bus!

LIBRARY TO BE REMODELED FOR AMUSEMENTS: Our library will now have a magnificent soda fountain and lunch counter, smaller tables will be put in for domino and card games, and a comfortable lounge will be prepared along the west wall!

Hope you have a great April Fool's Day and don't get too many jokes played on you!


Melissa said...

I wonder what the writers would have said if they had been told that, decades later, their library-related April Fool's joke would be fairly close to the truth?

Janie said...

I was thinking the same thing! Anyone wanna teach me 42?