Monday, April 26, 2010

Financial Success after College Graduation

If you have managed to stay ahead of the game and not accumulate debt during college, that is wonderful. But, many college graduates leave college with more than a diploma. Many graduates leave with a mountain of debt... you know, because they actually had to eat or maybe take a trip to the doctor's office.

I found some tips online that will guide you on the next leg of your journey. And, remember if you are in debt already, it isn't too late to gain control of it -- just follow these guidelines, and eat at your parent's house 5 out 0f 7 nights!
  • Choose your job carefully. Sometimes the highest paying job isn't the best one to take. Do some research and see which one will be the best in the long run. Do you really want to teach preschoolers for the next 25 years?

  • Don't buy a new car after starting that new job. Aim to buy one that is 1-3 years old and save money.

  • Put the savings from buying the older car into an emergency fund, or

  • Buy health insurance. One really bad illness or accident can affect you for years to come.

  • Create a budget, stick to it, and make it a habit. When you are ready to retire at 50 because you've made such good financial decisions you will look back and think what a good idea it was to stick to that budget.

  • Avoid a credit card if at all possible.

  • Refrain from impulse buys, if you really want that brand new TV, walk away and come back in 24-48 hours. Do you really want it? Are the prices better at another store?

  • Avoid expensive rent.

  • Look for a roommate.

It is incredible how bad credit can affect your life. Even renting or health care becomes an issue when your credit is bad. But, it can be avoided. Make good choices, refrain from impulse buys, and stick to a budget you will be much happier and wealthier!

Information was obtained from the following websites:

Here is a link to a budgeting worksheet as well:

Happy Budgeting!

Congratulations to all of our Spring 2010 graduates!

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Anonymous said...

Good tips here - especially the one about avoiding a credit card (or avoid using it too much if you have one).