Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking for something fun to read?

If your coursework isn't keeping you too busy, you might want to try looking for something fun to read (or listen to - we have audiobooks, too!) at the library. However, our books are shelved using Library of Congress Classification, which works fine for the kinds of books you need for your assignments, but can bury the kinds of books you might choose for casual reading. Where you browse really depends on what your definition of "fun reading" is, but here's some tips that might help you get started:
  • You'll probably want to concentrate mostly on our New Books display (on the main level, near all the computers), the upper level, and the lower level (young adult and children's books, audiobooks, and more).
  • PR6000 to PR6126 = English literature, Authors 1900 to the present
    Includes authors like: M.C. Beaton, Ian Fleming, Neil Gaiman, Agatha Christie, and more
  • PS3500 to PS3626 = American literature, Authors 1900 to the present
    Includes authors like: Nicholas Sparks, Isaac Asimov, Janet Evanovich, David Sedaris, and more
  • PZ7 - This number is used for a lot of the young adult and children's fiction in the library's lower level, including books by Robin McKinley, J.K. Rowling, Scott Westerfeld, and more.
  • The call number ranges I've given are only suggestions - try browsing in other areas, searching our catalog, or asking a librarian for suggestions.

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