Monday, January 25, 2010

Classical Music Library

Believe or not, there is actually some fun to be found in our databases - they don't have to be just for coursework! One of my favorite "fun" databases is Classical Music Library. In addition to the other information it provides, you can also listen to over 60,000 music tracks using this database.

I don't know much about classical music, so it's tough for me to just go straight to a song or composer that I like. What's great about Classical Music Library is that you can browse its collection in various ways as well as search it. Plus (my absolute favorite way to use this database), you can try out playlists. I'm a big fan of "Bach: Cello Suite," "Awesome Piano Music," "Music to Write By," and "Baroque Violin Selection." There are currently over 1000 playlists, and you can create playlists of your own if you'd like.

So, try it out if you haven't already, and feel free to comment and share your favorite tracks or playlists.

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