Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 things to do while on Thanksgiving break

Yeah! It is almost break time. I'm very excited for the time off. I thought I would post a list of ten things that I consider a must "to do" over the Thanksgiving break. Please post a comment and share your feedback and ideas on how you plan to enjoy the holiday!

  • People – visit your friends and family
  • Food – indulge in both cooking and eating
  • Give – Share the holidays with those who need it, donate to a homeless shelter, serve in a food line, etc.
  • Shop – get a head start on the Christmas season
  • Research and homework – remember library resources are available 24/7 from anywhere!
  • Decorate – time to deck the halls
  • Football – it is a Thanksgiving tradition
  • Desserts – more pies and cakes please
  • Travel – be careful on the roads; there is lots of traffic
  • RELAX - get ready for the hectic end of the semester

Post a comment and share your ideas on how to celebrate Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Amanda (the librarian) said...

One thing I always do at Thanksgiving is start working on my Christmas cards and e-newsletter. I'd like to have them ready to mail or distribute by December 1.