Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - 10 reasons why we read

It is Tuesday - that means a list. I saw this article from Library Journal, The Future of Reading, 11/1/2009, and that got me asking why do I read? Are my reasons the same as your reasons? Take a look at the article and check out this list of 10 reasons, then post a comment and share your thoughts on reading and reasons why you read!
  • To be informed - kept up to date
  • To escape from everyday lives
  • To do research
  • For entertainment
  • To hear other people's views and opinions
  • To learn - how to
  • To join the conversation - know what people are talking about
  • To understand others
  • To connect with other people like you
  • To be inspired and stimulate the imagination
What is the future of reading? Why do you read? Does format of reading materials matter to you?


Kim said...

I prefer ready hard copy books. I do not like to read online. I can't find a comfy position.

Amanda (the librarian) said...

I read for all these reasons! I do prefer my "recreational" reading to be fiction, although I have a strong preference for historical fiction or biographical novels. I participate in four book discussion groups, which helps pull me out of my ruts and try different genres.

Since I commute 45 minutes each way I'm really into audiobooks. Otherwise I prefer print to online. My eyes are tired enough from looking at computer screens at work all day.

Baldeep said...

I simply read for all reasons above and definitely to get away from everyday life... reading helps me deal with problems in life, whether emotionally or educationally. Reading certainly helps me. I also agree with Kim as (I know this sounds weird) I love to have the book in my hand and to remember those pages of pure imagination and hear the words in my head not read out by someone who dopiest see the book the way I do.