Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

As we near Homecoming it is only fitting that we feature our benefactor, John Tarleton. Ten years ago this month, during our Tarleton Centennial Celebration, a memorial service to John Tarleton was held at his gravesite across the street.

Members of the ROTC laid the wreath and gave a 21 gun salute in John Tarleton's honor. Colonel Will Tate gave the invocation, followed by President Dennis McCabe, who gave the welcome speech. In addition, President McCabe unveiled the newly named Centennial Lane, the street on the south side of the gravesite. Student representative Michelle Mauch presented the Tarleton Creed, which was written by Robert Wood, a JTAC student in 1927-28. The Tarleton band played "Amazing Grace", "Taps", and the Tarleton color song.

Dr. Christopher E. Guthrie, author of the newly released book "John Tarleton and his Legacy", spoke on John Tarleton's life. He stated "thank you, Mr. Tarleton, for creating the opportunity for tens of thousands of young Texans to attend college and make something of their lives." Because John Tarleton, an orphan, had little formal education, he wanted to provide money for the establishment of a school for young people. Prior to coming to Texas, he had lived in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he also left money for a school in Knoxville. It is still there today and is called the Tarleton Home. Guthrie concluded by saying of John Tarleton "you have performed a truly great thing, and everyone here gives thanks to you."

Following the ceremony everyone enjoyed a reception on the lawn of Bender Hall. John Tarleton would be amazed at how Tarleton has grown and at how it looks today! He truly is the founding father of -
Texans Today ~ Legends Tomorrow!

Come to the library and see the display in the foyer on John Tarleton and on the history of Tarleton State University!

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