Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Most old issues of the J-TAC student newspaper, through 2007 and going back 90 years to 1919, are now available on microfilm in the Periodicals section on the main floor of the library. The Periodicals department is open anytime the library is open, and the friendly student workers, led by Periodicals Specialist Sandy Dennis, will help you use the microfilm reader-printers. You can print a copy of the page for ten cents cash (or use your Texan card to reduce the cost to eight cents per copy).

These J-TACs are also available as paper copies in the Tarleton Room in the library's Special Collections Suite on the lower level. The Suite is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, and the newspapers must be used in house - but we do have a copy machine available for your use at ten cents a page (eight cents with your Texan card). Some of the older issues are quite fragile, and we encourage you to use the microfilm instead.

Issues from August 2007 on are available online and also in the Tarleton Room in the Special Collections Suite. The Grassburr yearbooks are also available; read this post to learn more. The Special Collections Suite will be open this Saturday, October 24, for Homecoming, after the parade at 10 AM and before the football game at 6 PM.

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