Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 top news sources

The beetles sang – 'I read the news today oh boy'… We have all heard that print news and newspapers are slowly dying. That made me wonder, where are we getting our news from? I found this online from "editor and publisher". Below are the top 10 current events and global news online destinations for the month of June. So print may be ending, but online news seems to on an upswing.

  1. Yahoo! News – 45.638 million - Traffic rose 30% from May.
  2. CNN Digital Network – 38,792 million - Traffic rose 14%.
  3. MSNBC Digital Network – 36.262 million - Traffic fell 4%.
  4. AOL News – 24.716 million - Traffic rose 12%.
  5. NYTimes.com – 17.423 million - Down 1%.
  6. Tribune Newspapers – 17.044 million - Rose 13%.
  7. Fox News Digital Network – 16.808 million - Increased 61%.
  8. ABC News Digital Network – 13.408 million - Increased 16%.
  9. Google News – 12.831 million - Increased 22%.
  10. McClatchy Newspaper Network – 12.681 million - Increased 29%.

Remember that the library provides you access to newspapers and news organizations. You can search several news sources at once by using the Metalib: quick search for newspapers. We have a list of online newspapers and news website in our internet links. The online databases pages has links to many news databases, including Newsbank, Newspaper Sources, Access World News, InfoTrac Custom Newspapers, Dallas Morning News, and the New York Times

I hope you find these links helpful. Please remember, Dick Smith Library is here to help. We have lots of resources available for you. The reference desk of the Library is staffed with professional librarians who provide personalized service to assist with learning and research needs. You may get help and ask questions in person at the library, by phone at 254-968-9249, by email, or via the web at http://www.tarleton.edu/~library/askaref.html.

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