Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tarleton’s Women’s Gym

Tarleton’s female population received its own gymnasium and physical education facilities in 1951. The men and women students had shared the original gym since 1924. The finished building was endowed with a basketball court, four badminton courts, two tennis courts, and a volleyball court. It also contained dressing rooms, an equipment room, a classroom, and an office. A swimming pool was installed on the west side of the building for all students. The Girls Physical Education Gymnasium remained in active use until 1977. At that time, the department was moved into the new Wisdom Gym. The pool was filled in four years later, and a concrete basketball court now covers this space. (Guthrie 113-114).

It housed the Intramural Sports offices and various physical education classes were held inside for several years. After the Recreational Sports Center was built and the intramural sports offices moved, it housed Risk Management & Safety. Currently it is being renovated to accommodate, along with Risk Management, the Information Resources Help Desk and Telecommunications, with expected completion in early July.

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