Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Signs of Spring

Everyone is back from Spring Break; it's time to get down to business…and spring fever hits. I'll admit I've got it bad this year. I decided to post my Top Ten Signs of Spring! (In no particular order)

  • No more extra blanket on the bed
  • Students have started that final push to complete their semester assignments.
  • Easter and Gardening items on display at Wal-Mart
  • Plans for Summer Vacations are already underway
  • Birds everywhere - It's almost a little scary. (Too much Alfred Hitchcock as a child)
  • Sandals and Swimsuits on sale.
  • Thunderstorms and rain – Don't like the storms but we need rain.
  • Baseball is back - (Go Texans, Rangers, and Cubs!)
  • Seniors are counting the days until Graduation.
  • Bluebonnets are coming up!

Do you have ideas of spring? Are you fighting spring fever like I am? Post a comment and share. Then get back to work…LOL!

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