Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday – Valentines Gifts

It Tuesday again, and this is Valentine's Week. I thought I would give you a list of the Top Ten (or 13) gifts to give your loved one. Because the first three items are on everyone lists already and because they mainly work as gifts for women, I've given you a few extra ideas. Many of these gifts will work for either a girl or a guy.

  • Jewelry – Make sure to choose the best jewelry that will match their personality.
  • Roses – Traditional, a bouquet of roses are timeless.
  • Chocolates – This is still one of the favorite gifts.

  • Perfume/Cologne – You won't go wrong if you choose a favorite fragrance.
  • iPod – This is one of the coolest gadgets that anyone would love. Give them the latest.
  • Watches – Novelty and stunning watches are also good picks for a valentines gift.
  • Cell Phone – Get them the latest and trendiest cell phone to keep your communication line open.
  • Digital Camera – Save those magical moments of your time spent together with this gadget.
  • Laptop – Laptops are very popular nowadays. Everyone needs one.
  • Lingerie – Surprise her with sexy lingerie that both of you will definitely appreciate.
  • Book – A good book will definitely make a good valentine gift.
  • Weekend getaway –A gift that the two of you will enjoy is a trip ticket to a favorite destination. Spend quality time with your beloved and just cherish the moment.
  • Gift card – A gift card is among the top gifts because you are giving freedom to choose and buy what they want.

I hope this list is helpful! Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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