Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

This view of Military Drive looking west toward the President's home was taken in 1935. After being built in 1923 at the cost of $8000, this house was home to Dean J. Thomas Davis. Tarleton presidents continued to live in the house until 1982. After that the home was named the Hall of Presidents. It was designated a Texas historical landmark in 1988 by the Texas Historical Commission. President W.O. Trogdon was the last president to reside in this home. On February 17, 2000 it was renamed the Trogdon House.

Also in view is the tall flagpole in front of the Administration building. In an article written by Frank Chamberlin for the Dick Smith Library Cross Timbers Historic Images Project the "flagpole has stood in front of the EJ Howell Education Building (formerly the Administration building) since 1920. A plaque attached to the pole lists the names of the students and contributors who donated to its' construction. This flagpole originally stood one hundred feet tall. ROTC cadets raised the flag at seven o’clock in the morning and lowered it at 5 o’clock each afternoon. The cannon was fired to commemorate the lowering of the flag in the evenings. The practice of firing the cannon continued into the 1940s. The pole has since been lowered, due to a city ordinance" (Guthrie 63, King 147, Traditions 25).

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