Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Day (Feb 2nd), the world's most eccentric weather forecasting system, has predicted that America is in for another six weeks of winter. Read more...

Here are some Fun Facts about Groundhogs:
  • The average groundhog is 20 inches long and normally weighs from 12 to 15 pounds. Punxsutawney Phil weighs about 20 pounds and is 22 inches long.
  • Groundhogs are covered with coarse grayish hairs (fur) tipped with brown or sometimes dull red. They have short ears, a short tail, short legs, and are surprisingly quick. Their jaws are exceptionally strong.
  • A groundhog's diet consists of lots of greens, fruits, and vegetables and very little water. Most of their liquids come from dewy leaves.
  • A groundhog can whistle when it is alarmed. Groundhogs also whistle in the spring when they begin courting.
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