Friday, June 20, 2008

Read online -- anytime

Want to read a bit, but don’t have anything handy? Tarleton Libraries may have what you want.
We offer many online books (fiction and nonfiction), which you can read at your leisure:

Search for them in the library's catalog:-- Go to the library’s home page
-- Click "Library Catalog" (in left column).
-- Click "Advanced Search Options.
-- Choose "E-book" from the "Type" menu.

Use search terms that match what you want.For example,
-- author name (ex. Mark Twain, Stephen King, or Edgar Allan Poe),
-- title (ex. Wizard and Glass or Short Stories and Tall Tales),
-- subject (ex. humorous stories or adventure or mystery or juvenile fiction), and
-- keywords (ex. detective stories or mystery stories)

To open the e-books from off-campus:-- Use your NTNET login to open a book.
-- Read to your heart’s content.

Need help? Email or call 254-968-9249.

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