Saturday, June 28, 2008

Die Cuts!

Did you know the Dick Smith Library has a number of die cuts you can use? If you need to make a poster or display for a class, a bulletin board for your dorm, need cut-outs for a math or other lesson plan, or just want some embellishments for a scrapbook page, come to the Curriculum Workroom on the lower level of the library!

You will find:
- a complete set of 2" and 4" capital and lower-case block letters (including symbols such as ?, @, &, and $),
- an 8" block capital T (combine with 4" letters to spell "Tarleton" or "sTu"),
- the Greek alphabet in 4" letters for your fraternity/sorority/honorary projects,
- various seasonal designs (for example, firecrackers and flags for July 4),
- Texas-themed die cuts (such as a cowboy boot and hat, state outline, and an 11' x 2" word "Texas"), and
- numerous shapes (triangles, rhombus, circles, some divided into fractional parts) and other cut-outs (such as pentominoes and tangrams) for math and other lessons.

The Curriculum Workroom is next to the Special Services office on the lower level and is open whenever the library is open, so you can use these die cuts at any time in one of two press cutters. Remember to place the die cuts in with the rubber side DOWN, and don't cut through more than four layers of regular paper (or two layers of card stock) at a time. Any of the library staff will be happy to show you how to use the die cutters.

Usually you need to bring your own paper. HOWEVER, for a limited time, starting July 1, there will be some free paper in various colors available in the Curriculum Workroom - while supplies last only!

We generally purchase 6-8 new die cuts a year, so suggestions are welcome!

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