Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Made in the Maker Spot: July 2016

It's been quieter in the Maker Spot this month, so we can't wait for all the students to come back next week! We are so excited to see what everyone makes this semester. We did have some really cool projects last month, though. The campus has been going crazy for Pokemon this summer, and several of our staff have gotten creative this summer. As always, if you see anything that inspires you and you want to try out the Maker Spot for yourself, come visit us in room 250, or go to

If you are looking to get started with 3D design, is a free, browser-based application that you can access from home. They have great tutorials, and we are always happy to help out with designs as well. Happy Making!

Purple Rose

Lego Mindstorm Sorter
Pikachu and Pokeball

Pikachu and Open Pokeball

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