Friday, August 28, 2015

Trudy Carlson Celebrates 45 Years of Service at the Dick Smith Library

Trudy Carlson - picture by Tracy Holtman

No one has ever worked at the Dick Smith Library longer than Trudy Carlson! Her career has spanned four and a half decades - 45 years - serving the students, faculty, and staff at our Tarleton - Stephenville campus always with a smile and a gracious manner!

Trudy Carlson began working as a librarian in 1970.  Tarleton State University and the library were much smaller then, but Trudy was a large part of the Reference Department with special emphasis on Education.  Trudy laid the foundation for the current Children's Literature collection. A special collection of books focusing on education is called, "Trudy's books". This is because Trudy purchased the books with her own money to create a collection to be used by Education students to enhance their classrooms and their teaching styles. This collection also has a large variety other items such as posters, pamphlets, and visual aids.   For most of the last 45 years Trudy has worked as a member of the Educator Preparation Council which is made up of people from the Curriculum and Instruction department as well as as a people from a variety of departments who focus on the process of preparing future teachers.

Trudy has also held the position of Head of User Services, which in non-librarian language, means that she was in charge of library employees who help patrons at the Reference Desk, who fulfill Interlibrary Loan Requests, who check in and out materials in the Circulation Department, and who give instruction in classrooms.  Trudy is currently the Associate Director of the Dick Smith Library.

One of our librarians, Tracy Holtman, recalls that on her very first day of work, Oct. 1, 1998, Holtman was honored to sit at the table with Trudy as she received the award of the Tarleton State University Employee of the Year!  What an honor to Trudy for her service to the university!

Trudy has always been active in volunteering with the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.  She has been their campus adviser and an active alumni.  Trudy has also volunteered for Delta Kappa Gamma which is an organization focusing on Education majors.

Trudy is an animal lover, especially of dogs.  Prissy is her current fur-baby. She collects angels and wears a guardian angel pin on a daily basis.  Trudy is an avid reader and has stated that she is very excited to finally have time to read!  It is no surprise that Trudy is an active volunteer at her church, sitting on the church board and serving where she sees a need.

Trudy Carlson is a person known at Tarleton.  Every university president since Dr. Trogdon has known Trudy, including our current President, Dr. Dottavio.  Her presence as a library representative is large at Tarleton, even though Trudy is quiet-spoken.  Trudy is also known around Stephenville as a librarian lady.  It has happened more than once that while Trudy has been out having lunch around town, a student will walk up and mention the library or ask a question about the library. Trudy is ready to give them an answer with a smile.

Retirement will give Trudy more flexibility with her time.  She will still volunteer at her church.  You may see her in the library too, from time to time, when she's not busy catching up on her reading.

Thanks for all of your years of work and for the smiles, Trudy Carlson!

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Sena Leese said...

Thank you, Trudy, for your many years with the Tarleton library and beyond! You and I have shared children's books, Tarleton Campus Club, Alpha Gamma Delta and Delta Kappa Gamma through these many decades. I am pleased to call you Sister and compadre! Sena Leese