Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Artemis Literary Sources

Tarleton Libraries now has access to a new database, Artemis Literary Sources. Artemis Literary Sources combines the information found in Literature Criticism Online, Literature Resource Center, Scribner's Writers Series, and Twayne's Author Series into a new interface that searches them all together. All of these resources are still available to search separately. However, Artemis adds new search tools that you can use to narrow topics, or see how language has changed over time.

Topic Finder

The Topic Finder tool lets you narrow your search using a wheel visualization, as seen in the picture below:

Here, I've done a search for "Emily Dickinson". By looking at the wheel, I can some topics that are associated with her, and I can narrow my topic from there. In this case, I've selected "Amherst", which was her hometown. So, the results are showing me biographical articles and articles on how her home influenced her work. Using this tool, I can see what paths my research might take and what sources might be available to support my paper.

Term Frequency

This tool is very similar to Google's N Gram Viewer. Google's tool shows the frequency of a word in books indexed in Google Books over time. This does something similar, but it shows how frequently a word or term has shown up in the sources indexed in Artemis over time. This includes book reviews, works of criticism and works of literature, so you get a good range, as you can see below.

Here, I've visualized the terms "Hip Hop" and "Techno" from 1985-2014. As you can see, both terms have been rising steadily since about 1998 or so. I can click on any of the points of the graph to see the documents that the graph is referencing.

Overall, this new database gives some pretty cool tools for researching and visualizing my data.

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