Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Small Community Library!

I'm a library nerd - I'll admit it! I love libraries, and I love finding libraries in the places that I travel. On a recent trip to Sitka, Alaska, I walked up on this small free community library located on a public street in a neighborhood area!  It's filled with books from which anyone can take a book, leave a book, or both.
Sitka Small Community Library - Lisa B. Wan, photographer & copyright holder, 2015
Someone has even attempted to add some organization to this free library by adding labels to the shelves.  In case you can't read it, one of the labels on the bottom shelf states, "Children Reads".  The the attention to detail by putting the children's books on the lowest shelves is notable.
Sitka Small Community Library Books - Lisa B. Wan, photographer & copyright holder, 2015.
Small community libraries exist all over the world, but I love it when I find one. I realize that there are other people who love books so much that they build small libraries, fill them with books just so that others can share in that love, and I smile.


Amanda (the librarian) said...

I think this is an example of a Little Free Library:

Lisa Wan said...

I thought so too, but Little Free Libraries have to be registered with the association in order to actually be a designated Little Free Library. This one is not registered. I have found other Little Free Libraries before when we were traveling and they are cool!