Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Too Thick to Staple? Use the Comb Binder!

The Special Services Department, on the lower level of the Dick Smith Library, has a comb binding machine you can use with documents that are too thick to staple.  It's very easy to use - our staff would be glad to show you how!  We even have some binding combs you can use, in four colors in a variety of sizes.

The binder is located in the Curriculum Workroom downstairs, which is always open any time the library is open.  Staff can help you between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Step 1 - choose a comb of an appropriate size.
Step 2 - punch holes in your papers.

Step 1 (left):  The combs are located in boxes in the two cabinets just below the comb binding machine.  Please choose one appropriate to the size of your project.  You want to use a comb that is just slightly bigger than the size of your papers.

Step 2 (right):  Next, slide your papers into the lower half of the machine until they reach the back.  Press down on the handle to punch holes in the papers.  You may need to divide your papers into smaller stacks as the binder can't punch through too thick a stack.

Step 3 - Place comb on top rack and press handle away to open.

Step 3 (left):  Place the comb on the prongs of the top rack with the opening side towards the top.  Press the handle AWAY from you to open up the comb.

Step 4 - Place papers on comb and release handle to close comb.

Step 4 (right):  Place the holes of your papers on the combs, and pull the handle back towards you to close the comb up.

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