Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Procrastination = Stress

Have you ever put off printing your paper until 10 minutes before class? Waiting until the last minute to prepare for class can be very stressful for many reasons.
  • What if there are technical problems?
  • There may be a possibility of being late to class.
  • What if you don't have enough money on your Texan Card to print.
All of these stressful situations can be diverted if you simply plan ahead. Remember to finish your project on time. Don't stay up late working on a paper or presentation. You won't feel prepared or well rested the following morning. Remember to check your Texan Card frequently for your balance. You can add more funds to your account with cash using the Texan Card machine in the Learning Commons or by going to the Texan Card website and using your debit or credit card. Keep in mind that we rely on technology for most of our daily tasks, problems can easily arise. Stay calm. There is always a solution, the solution may not be an instant one, but know that there IS a solution. Procrastination is never the answer to staying on track, it will just lead to stress.

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