Friday, June 6, 2014

Tarleton Libraries: Year(s) in Review

You may have heard about the Library Chronicles but do you know what it is?

Library Chronicles is a newsletter magazine published annually by the library's Marketing and Outreach Committee which spotlights events and happenings that have occurred within the library for the specific newsletter's year. Basically, if you've ever wondered what goes on at the library you can find the answer within the Library Chronicles' pages.

The newsletter contains interesting facts about the library and its staff members as well as fun images of events that happen on all the Tarleton campuses.

Check out the Library Chronicles' archive to review the last four years.

Find out about our READ poster reveal, social media accounts, contributions to the campus and surrounding community, and more!

Want more information about the Library Chronicles?

Contact the library's 
Marketing and Outreach Co-Chairs:

Cathy Wilterding

Kym Schow

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