Friday, June 27, 2014

Environmentally Conscious in the Library Learning Commons

Throughout the new Library Learning Commons, you'll see numerous recycling stations...
photo by Tracy Holtman
...with slots for trash/garbage, recyclable bottles & cans, and recyclable paper:
photo by Tracy Holtman, modified by Amanda Pape
In the areas with printers, there are new cabinets with slots cut in the top for recycling paper:
photo by Amanda Pape

We also have new water fountains in the lobby area across from the restrooms:
photo by Tracy Holtman
One of the fountains has a place to refill your travel cups and water bottles, activated by a sensor.  It also measures the number of plastic bottles being saved from the landfill.  The new Library Learning Commons has only been open two weeks, and already the count is at 258!
photo by Tracy Holtman, modified by Amanda Pape

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