Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Do you InstaLibrary? Follow or Tag Us on Instagram

Follow us @tarletonlib
You may have seen that Tarleton Libraries has a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (as well as other social media accounts)but did you know that we also have an Instagram?

Search for our username @tarletonlib to follow us.

We post Tarleton-related and Library-related photos. For example, we have posted a few renovation updates to keep our users current on what's happening in our building.

We also post images of interesting/visually pleasing things that we find around campus; for example the tulips that are blooming in front of the library.

We're always open for suggestions. Also, if you take a library-related image, you can tag us in the photo or use a hashtag such as #dsl, #tarletonlibrary, #dslibrary, #Tarleton.
Check us out!  

Photos Taken By: Tracy Holtman

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