Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Library Adventures for Everyone

Image taken from JTAC News 1-27-14
The Atomic Comic by Ontoniel Chaine
As many of you have discovered (or are maybe still trying to discover), the library has become quite a maze to maneuver. Instead of being able to enter a four door entry way, you can only enter through two specified doors. Instead of having access to three floors, you only have access to two floors (upper and lower levels). This situation can be frustrating for ANYONE.

The coffee bar has been relocated, there are less public computers to access, and it's unfamiliar territory. Have no fear! Things may be changing, but they are for the better. Your library adventures may be quite the maze right now, but by the end of the semester the Library Learning Commons will become an adventure all its own.

Keep in mind, everyone is struggling with this temporary change. We, as library staff, are here to help you through your adventure. We will gladly direct you through the maze of purple walls to your desired destination. Let us be your guide during this undesirable time. 

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