Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plan now to ace midterms/finals weeks

@Tarletonlib tweets with the #TSUMidtermMania hash tag.
If you follow us on Twitter, you may noticed recent tweets with this hash tag:


The Student Success and Multicultural Initiative Department at Tarleton State University will help cushion the stress of midterms (and, later, finals) by offering study tips and free giveaways such as coffee, T-shirts and more.  Be on the lookout for this hash tag.  For more info, you can follow the library on Twitter: @tarletonlib

Here are a few ways the library can help you do better on midterms and finals:

Books to help freshmen: Check out our Pinterest board with books designed to help you succeed in college.
Device charger: Power up your favorite device upstairs near the Information Desk.
Earbuds: Everyone learns differently. Some people need earbuds to reduce distracting noises, while others like to play music to enhance concentration.  You can purchase earbuds here at the library for $2.11 each.
Hours: The week before finals we have extended hours.  The week of final exams, we will be open twenty four hours a day.
Study rooms:
We have individual and group study rooms upstairs.
Study supplies: 
We have a school supplies vending machine across from the cafe (main floor). It is stocked with scantrons, blue books, highlighters, pens, batteries and more.

Last but not least, there is our friendly and helpful staff, including the librarians at the Information Desks (upper and lower floors). They'd love to help you find a book or article or answer any questions you might have, so please don't hesitate to ask!

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