Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Student jobs @ the library: Periodicals

Although we currently have no vacancies for student library workers [note: this applies only to our Stephenville campus], it never hurts to submit an application, in case a slot opens up.

You can get an application upstairs in our Administration Office. Fill it out completely, attach your schedule for the semester in which you'd like to work, and turn it in.

We have multiple areas where students can work. This blog post is about the student jobs in our Periodicals Department.

Department: Periodicals
Periodicals are magazines, newspapers, and journals, whether they are in print or online. 

Where is it? Back of the main floor.
Duties: According to Sandy Dennis, our Periodicals Specialist, these include "collect[ing] the daily mail and process[ing] it, maintain[ing] the Periodicals Service Desk and assist[ing] patrons with question and concerns, and retriev[ing] journals that may be requested from our Offsite* location."

Below is a tweet saluting two of our Periodicals workers.

*Offsite is where we keep older copies of periodicals.  We can get them for you, just ask!

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