Friday, May 3, 2013

National Digital Public Library Launched

The National Digital Public Library was launched April 18th. It is a project to make available the holdings of America's archive, research libraries, and museums. The library serves as a portal to the digital collections of several libraries. Among the hubs are Harvard, University of Virginia, David Rumsey Map Collection, National Archives and Records Administration, the New York Public Library, and the Smithsonian to name a few. Items included in the library are maps, photographs, medieval manuscripts, Latin American pamphlets, over 3,000 daguerreotypes, and 420 trial narratives involving marriage and sexuality. In the coming months items on music, zoology, cartography, and colonial history will be added. Currently the library has between two and three million items. The Digital library is searchable by date, place, exhibition, or bu using a search box. When you receive your search results it indicates which collection they are from and how many items each repository has on you r subject. To visit the National Digital public Library visit: for an article about the library see:

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