Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Limited and Local History Collections

One of the many services the library has to offer is found in our Limited and Local History Collections. Here are the many services we have to offer our patrons:
  • Tarleton State University archives
  • Tarleton State University theses and dissertations submitted for degrees
  • Tarleton State University Grassburr yearbooks
  • Displays of Tarleton State University artifacts
  • Drs. Marie and Nathan Cedars Holocaust collection
  • Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, and William Morris collections donated by Dr. Joe R. Christopher
  • Michael Moser collection
  • Col. and Mrs. Milton P. Brooks bound volumes of The National Geographic
  • Dr. C. Richard King books and materials
  • Dr. Dick Smith books and materials
  • Local history and genealogy collections
  • Stephenville Empire-Tribune since 1882 on microfilm (some gaps)
  • Microfilm records for Erath, Brown, Callahan, Shackleford and Stephens counties

As I was preparing for something to write for our LOL blog I started thinking about some of the services we provided and I went to The J-TAC (Tarleton State University Student Newspaper) online. I was curious to see if I searched for my name and the years that I was a student at Tarleton if anything would come up. I was surprised (and a little excited) to see my maiden name come up in several issues.

So, if you or someone you know was a student, faculty or staff member at Tarleton go and check out the
The J-TAC (Tarleton State University Student Newspaper). You just might be surprised to find some interesting information!

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