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Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

“Lucky 13”

On Friday December 7, 1962 the Wainwright Ball was held in the Tarleton State College dining hall from 8-12 pm.  Because of the day and time of the event, the residents of the women’s dorm were given permission to stay out until 12:30!!

The theme for the formal dance was “Lucky 13” in honor of the 13th anniversary of the organization of the Tarleton rifle team.  The birthday theme was carried out in the decorations.  Blue parachutes were lowered from the ceiling ,  a fresh cedar tree was used, and fresh cedar and white candles adorned the tables.  Revolving colored lights were placed at the entrance and around the dance floor.

A few highlights of the evening included the naming of Mackie Wright as Wainwright Sweetheart,  cutting the huge "Lucky 13" birthday cake, and dancing to the dreamy music of Tarleton’s Tophatters dance band combo.  Mr. Jim Woodie, choir director, played a medley  of classical and popular songs on the piano during intermission.

Prior to 1949 the Tarleton precision drill team was known as “Crack Company” and was a long established tradition on campus.  As one of the finest drill teams in Texas, the Wainwright Rifles participated in inaugural parades both in Washington, D.C. and Texas, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and the Battle of Flowers and Fiesta Flambeau in San Antonio.  The drill team was named for General Jonathan Wainwright, World War II hero of Bataan and Corregidor.

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas break!

, 1963
JTAC, December 4, 1962, December 11, 1962.

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