Monday, December 17, 2012

Check out some audiobooks for your holiday travels

Yea! Finals are over. It's time to enjoy your holiday. Yea!

cover If You Could See Me NowMany of us will spend some time on the road during this semester break -- taking vacation trips, visiting relatives, enjoying road trips with friends and family, finding excuses to explore roads not taken, etc. 
What a great opportunity to take along some of the library's audio books; we have quite a diverse selection. 

To look for titles that might suit you,
  • Click the library catalog link on the library's homepage.
  • Click "Advanced Search Options" under the basic search box.
  • Choose Audiobook from the "Type" menu.
  • Click "Search" to see a list of all the library's audiobooks (over 600 of them).
  • You can also put in search terms to locate
    -- book types (i.e. mystery, detective, biography, fantasy, etc.),
    -- authors' works (i.e. James Patterson, Tom Clancy, Rebecca Makkai, Kamala Nair, etc.), and
    -- books on subjects of interest (i.e. history, friendship, music, etc.).
cover of 5th Horsemancover of A Visit from the Goon Squad
Once you've located some audiobooks you're interested in,
jot down their call numbers so you can easily find them in the library's audiovisual collection on our lower level.  Then you can check them out with your Tarleton ID, pop 'em into your CD player, and enjoy listening to great stories. 

The library is open Dec. 17-21 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

So there's still plenty of time for you to pick up some audiobooks to listen to as you travel down those long, winding highways during the semester break.

We wish you a great holiday and a splendid 2013!

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Amanda (the librarian) said...

In the catalog results, click on the title of the audiobook to see what format it's in (it will be in the "Pages" field). All audiobooks purchased since 2006 are in CD format, but some of our earlier audiobooks are cassette tapes. This field will also tell you how long it will take to listen to the audiobook.