Monday, October 15, 2012

How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist

Since we conduct most of our daily activities online (i.e. pay bills, talk with friends, make business contacts, etc.), it's essential that we become aware of and use online security measures.

Thorni Klosowski's recent article "How Secure are You Online: The Checklist" on Lifehacker provides some useful tips for enhancing our online security in four areas:
    picture of computer keyboard
  • passwords
  • browsers
  • at-home Wi-Fi and networking
  • browing on public Wi-fi.
Learning more about online security and ways we can protect personal data will continue to grow in importance as personal interactions, commercial transactions, and business communications continue to incorporate online tools.

It's up to us to learn more. Checklists like those offered by Klosowski are a start. Dick Smith Library also offers useful resources on the topic. A few titles are listed below. Each entry includes a link to the item's catalog record so you can learn more about it (records may take a few seconds to load):
To locate more information about online privacy or computer security, you can search the library's catalog and our subscription databases, as well as use Discovery@Tarleton.

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