Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Tarleton Opens Fourth Door!

The 1962/63 school year at Tarleton was a very significant one!  As stated in the September 11, 1962 JTAC, the first seniors in fifty years entered the doors!  Tarleton became a four year school in 1959, making the seniors of 1962/63 the first graduating class after becoming a four year school!  My May 13, 2010 blog was about the 1963 graduates!

In addition, 685 freshmen attended the first day orientation!  The second largest number of freshmen in the history of Tarleton State College assembled in the main auditorium as shown in the 1963 Grassburr photo above!  The largest first day was in 1946 when nearly 900 WWII veterans enrolled!  The schedule of activities included a welcome by Dean Paul Cunyus, followed by three and one half hours of testing!....the SATs, which were being used for the first time at Tarleton!!!

As a side note, I graduated from Tarleton in the old main auditorium shown in the photos above!  Stephenville High School graduations were also held in this auditorium!  It was located where the new Hunewell Bandstand replica now stands!  Completed in 1929, the main auditorium was torn down in 1982, after completion of the current fine arts building.

President E.J. Howell welcomed all entering students during the afternoon assembly September 10, 1962, and after the first ever SATs were over!    From 7:30-9 that night, he and Mrs. Howell held a reception in their home for all students, their families and faculty (and home to our current president)!  In his welcome speech he stated that the students would certainly make the 1962/63 school year a memorable period in the history of Tarleton and in their own lives!

Now, 50 years later, I hope that you all…

Have a Great and Memorable Year at Tarleton!

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