Monday, September 17, 2012

Constitution Day 2012

It’s Constitution Day, and, as such, it is my right to tell you that the Dick Smith Library can help you with any of your constitutional needs, whether you need a book or newspaper or database. They have several different resources to help keep you up to date with our government and can even help with the upcoming election.

Personally, I like to use the databases, and, so far, my favorite “government” database from the Library’s database list is U.S. Government Information. Not only does it provide information on elections and registering, but it also provides information that you wouldn’t normally think to look for on a government page. For example, the government has auctions you can attend and get some pretty cool stuff for a very reasonable price, but I didn’t know where to find this information. I found it in that database. It’s also great if you’re searching for government jobs or are in need of financial aid. If you qualify, you could even get renter’s assistance. Who knew? It’s amazing the things you find when you start using the resources.

Also, in celebration of Constitution Day, the Dick Smith Library will be handing out FREE Constitution booklets; so be sure to drop by and pick up your copy. And, don’t forget that the Speaker Symposium Committee will be presenting their first speaker of the year, Dr. Rick Halperin, Director of the Embrey Human Rights Program at Southern Methodist University, tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the O. A. Grant building, Rm 116. He will be speaking on “The Status of the U.S. Death Penalty.” So, don’t miss both of these great opportunities to learn more about our country and its rights.

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