Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beat the Odds @ the Dick Smith Library!

Don't Gamble With Your Academic Success!
Today we had our first sessions of Library Poker as part of Tarleton Transitions Week. A number of students attended and everyone had a great time.

Tomorrow (August 24), the Library will host more Library Poker sessions from 9-10 & 10-11am.

COME PLAY LIBRARY POKER! As you go to the playing stations, you'll have a chance to meet the Library's Staff, and get useful tips about ways the library can help you be a successful Tarleton student. At each station, you'll also get to choose a card to add to your poker hand.  Build a winning hand and you can win prizes!

Stop by tomorrow and learn how the Library can help you BEAT THE ODDS!  Remember, you can always BET BIG on the Library helping you achieve ACADEMIC SUCCESS.

Check out pictures from today on the Library's Facebook and Twitter.

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