Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tips & Tools for Language Learning

With international travel, study abroad opportunities, and global interactions becoming so much a part of our everyday lives, wanting to learn another language seems to be high on many people's "wish I had the time to" lists.

Unfortunately, finding the time always seems problematic.

Whether it's the scheduling constraints created by summer school, work duties that seem to increase at alarming rates, or family responsibilities, there is rarely enough time to accomplish all we have to do -- much less things we'd like to do.
Well, the recent "How I Learned a Language in 90 Days" post by Maneesh Sethi, founder of Hack the System, may be just what we've needed to help us mark off at least one wish list item: learn another language.

Sethi's post discusses the benefits of bilingualism and why many language learning attempts don't succeed.  Then, the post explains
  • a strategy for rapid language learning,
  • resources needed to learn a language, and
  • a 90-day plan for learning a language.
Now may be the perfect time to start. Read Sethi's post at Lifehacker.

If you don't have a language in mind and/or would like additional language learning assistance, check out the library's Mango Languages database.


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