Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Library Comics

When I was a kid I regularly read the comics in the newspaper. I spent part of Sunday afternoon lying on the floor with the colorful Sunday Comics spread out in front of me absorbing all the “funnies-ness”.  Today, I think that if the Star-Telegram didn’t have daily comics, I might not subscribe.

Whenever I find a comic strip that includes references to libraries or books I get out my scissors and clip it. One Big Happy by Rick Detorie uses a child character, Ruthie, to show her penchant for libraries.  I agree with Ruthie’s enthusiasm for reading.
 Truths are often comically revealed as in this strip playing on patrons’ confusion with the meaning of the word “periodical”: 
I have a personal kinship with this mom in this Baby Blues strip by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott who's book distraction gives a comic result:

Recently I came across Rex-Libris by James Turner which features a thick-glasses-wearing, dark-suited, skinny-tied librarian as the superhero.  Imagine – a superhero LIBRARIAN! 
Finally, we learn through Luann’s wisdom why, in this age of the Internet, we should still have libraries:
 I’ll draw this entry to a close with a commonly used phrase from the 1920’s through 40’s that indicated that the speaker had enjoyed the evening and wished their friend a pleasant night: 
                                                        “See you in the funny papers!”


Kim said...

I love it! Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa B. said...

Glad you enjoyed it Kim!