Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Your Texan Card - It's Important

Do you have your Texan Card?  Do you carry it with you?  Here are just a few things you need your Texan Card for:
  • building access
  • check out materials and laptops at the Dick Smith Library
  • entry into on-campus events
  • swipe at new printer release stations  in several buildings on campus (when the system comes up after Spring Break!)
  • Texan Bucks, a stored-value debit system for use on and off-campus
  • reduced price when paying for photocopies on campus 
  • receive a discount from some retailers when you show your ID
  • meal plan
If you need to pick up or replace your card, just visit the Texan Card Office in the Tarleton Center, room 101. If you need to add additional funds to your cards, you can do that online at

Texan Cards - they really are important!

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Amanda (the librarian) said...

Important info - thanks for posting it!