Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: New Audiobooks

Going somewhere for Spring Break?  For you commuters or anyone about to take a long road trip, the Dick Smith Library has a growing collection of audiobooks in CD format, with many audiobooks still available in cassette format. They are located on the lower level of the library, just to the right, as you exit the elevator or the stairs, through the glass doors, in the Audiovisual Collection area. You can check them out for four weeks; plenty of time to take them on a vacation (just be sure you don't lose any of the pieces!).

Here's a post on how to search the library catalog for audiobooks. You can create lists for mysteries, historical fiction, or your favorite author, for example.

If you're in RDG301, Children's Literature, some of  you need to read five novels or chapter books for your investigation project! Spring Break is a great time to do this, and if you will be on the road part of that time, listening to an audiobook makes the travel time pass more quickly. Here is a list of 50 audiobooks that might work for this assignment.

Here, in no particular order, are ten of our newest titles (click the titles to check availability):

1. Life - ML420 .R515 A3 2010B - An autobiography by Rolling Stones founding member Keith Richards, this was the 2011 Audiobook of the Year and 2011 winner of the Audie Award for Biography/Memoir.

2. Moon Over Manifest - PZ7 .V28393 MO 2011 - With dual narrative lines set in 1917-1918 and 1936, this 2011 Newbery Medalist is the story of a small town in Kansas called Manifest (modeled after the real town of Frontenac, where author Clare Vanderpool's grandparents grew up), with an intriguing plot, compelling characters, and a lot of heart and soul.

3. The Reversal - PS3553 .O51165 R48 2010B - Part of Michael Connelly's Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch series, this audiobook won the 2011 Audie Award for Mystery.

4. This Body of Death - PS3557 .E478 T48 2010B - One of Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley novels, this audiobook was a finalist for the 2011 Audie Award for Mystery.

5.  The Postmistress - PS3552 .L3493 P67 2010B - The effects of war on those not fighting it are explored in Sarah Blake's 2011 Audie Award for Fiction finalist.

6.  Chapters from My Autobiography - PS1331 .A2 2010D - by Mark Twain was a finalist for the 2011 Audie Award for Distinguished Achievement in Production.

7.  A Visit from the Goon Squad  - PS3555 .G292 V57 2010B - by Jennifer Egan won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.  This unusual novel about time is really a series of linked short stories.  Characters in one story will pop up in one or more later stories, set earlier or later in time (even somewhere into the 2020s).  The two main characters are Sasha, a kleptomaniac, and her one-time boss, Bennie Salazar, a music company executive.

8. Snakewoman of Little Egypt - PS3558 .E4753 S63 2010B -  The Snakewoman is Sunny, who has just gotten out of prison after shooting (but not killing) her husband, pastor of a snake-handling church in present-day rural Illinois. She rents a garage apartment from Jackson, a professor facing a midlife crisis.  Robert Hellenga's chronicle of their adventures (yes, it involves snakes) won the 2011 Audie Award for Literary Fiction.
9. In the Garden of Beasts - E748 .D6 L37 2011B - Erik Larson's latest narrative nonfiction is set in pre-World War II Berlin, and focuses on then-US Ambassador to Germany William Dodd and his reckless daughter Martha .  This audiobook follows the rise of Hitler and is a nominee for the 2012 Audie Award for History.

10. The Girl in the Garden - PS3614 .A565 G57 2011B - This debut novel by Kamala Nair is as lush as its cover.  It begins with an adult Rahkee Singh leaving her engagement ring and a long letter to her fiance, explaining why she cannot yet marry him and must go back to India to deal with her past.  The book then flashes back to a visit she made there in the summer when she was ten-going-on-eleven.  Rahkee has to deal with her parents' crumbling marriage, and the secrets being kept by her mother and her other relatives.  One of those is the mysterious girl in the beautiful garden...

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