Friday, March 2, 2012

Catching the E-Book Wave -- Lessons@Lunch

Been thinking about purchasing an e-book reader?
Have a reader and want to find more sources for e-books?
Want to see what else your device can do?
If so, next week's Lessons@Lunch (March 5, 7 & 9) should help you get the answers you need. The sessions will be held in the Library Instruction Classroom (#139) from 12:10-12:50 p.m. The presenter will be Beverly Tackitt, psychology major and e-book enthusiast.
Each session will cover different topics:

  • Mon., March 5: Picking the Right Device for You-- How do LCD & E-ink differ?
    -- Popular devices.
    -- Which devices use what file formats?
    -- Languages supported.
    -- How to pick the right device for you.

  • Wed., March 7: Where & How to Get Books for Your Reader-- Where to get books (free books, low cost books, library books, and more).
    -- How to get books onto your device (downloading or sideloading).
    -- Exploring your options (conversion programs or services).

  • Fri., March 9: What Else Can My E-Device Do?-- Listen to music, watch movies, play games.
    -- Enjoy audiobooks.
    -- Use text to speech features.
    -- Download apps.
    -- Search the Internet
This Lessons@Lunch series is sponsored by the Dick Smith Library. If you need more information, please email Cathy Wilterding at
See you in Library #139 on March 5, 7 & 9!

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