Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tarleton Thursdays: Did You Know?

Wintertime in Texas!

You never know what wintertime in Texas might bring! Yesterday it reached 80 degrees.....and it is only February! The photo above shows snow and the home economics building during the winter of 1937 - seventy five years ago!

The home economics building was located in Heritage Park between what is now the education building and the new replica of the Hunewell bandstand. It was originally built in 1915 as the Mollie Crow administration building but became the home economics building when the new agriculture/later administration building was completed in 1919.

The cornerstone of the new administration building, later the home economics building, was laid by the Chancellor Commander of the local John Tarleton Lodge No.227 Knights of Pythias, Ben Compton. The Pythian Home Band from Weatherford headed the parade from the lodge hall to the college. Mayor J.J. Bennett gave a short speech, followed by Judge W.J. Oxford, who delivered the main address. Judge Oxford told of the history of the Knights of Pythias. The cornerstone contained a college catalog, words from former mayor J.T. Lockhart, the John Tarleton Lodge No.227 Knights of Pythias roster of members, the Twentieth Century Club roster of members, and a poem by Theo Bauer!

Classes were held in this building for many fact, the library and study hall were in the top floor of the home economics building at one time, and the chemistry department was once in the home economics building! After the chemistry department moved out the area was "freshened up" with new furniture and draperies! I attended classes in this building in the 1960s! This building was demolished in 1981.

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